22 December, 2015

Grey Knights 7th Edition: Maelstrom Missions (Eldar Allies)

Last night I started finishing up some of my my Grey Knight Terminators and I remembered how much I love the army (in terms of the fluff and models). I'm not particularly fond of the way that Terminators play, but what are you going to do? It's not like they come stock with Invisibility and Levitation.

With that in mind, I took out the Maelstrom datacards and went through them one-by-one. My intention was to see what could be accomplished by bringing allies -- ANY ally! It didn't matter if they were daemons, chaos cultists or the rot of Nurgle itself. The point was just to see what army could help deliver the win for Grey Knights. 

The highlighted text: Maelstrom objectives. The bottom text: the making of a balanced list.

As you can see by the image above, Eldar can help fulfill almost every objective that Games Workshop has seen fit to give the Grey Knights -- and they do it better than the Grey Knights can! They can also complement the Grey Knights so well that they can easily help create a balanced list. 

With all that being said and done, I concocted an army list to tackle the Grey Knight Maelstrom cards in 40k 7th Edition, with some Harlequins sprinkled on top for fluff reasons, although to be fair they ended up just making the army better overall. Lol-tastic.

The Heroe’s Path (325)
- Deathjester
- Shadowseer + Neuro disruptor + Mastery level-2 psyker + Haywire grenades + The Mask of Secrets
- Solitaire + Haywire grenades

Craftworld Eldar: Combined Arms Detachment (576)
- Autarch + Skyrunner + Banshee mask
- 6x (3x Windriders + 3x Scatter lasers)

Craftworld Eldar: Crimson Death: (440)
- 3x Crimson Hunters + 1x Exarch

Grey Knights: Nemesis Strike Force (505)
- Librarian + Storm-bolter
- 10x Terminators (330) + 2x Psycannons (40) + 2x Nemesis daemon hammers (20) = 390

Total: 1846/1850

I like the list, but I do find it unfortunate that I don't have very many Terminators. If I went to 2000 points, I'd certainly include more. That or I can tone it down to 1500 points to balance out the Grey Kight-Eldar ratio, or simply remove the Harlequins and three Windriders to make more room for Grey Knight Terminators.

The challenge that I now face is how to make the Windriders look like Eldar Daemon hunters...

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