14 December, 2015

Hobby Update: My 40k Collection (in Japan)

As I mentioned in my first post, I had the chance to visit Games Workshop in Tokyo last month. I've already spoken about my five Grey Knight Terminators (you can check that out in the video below), and this week I picked up ten Guardsmen.

So all in all I've got:
- Five Grey Knight Terminators
- Ten Imperial Guardsmen
- Ten Tactical Marines
- A Space Marine Captain
- A Rhino/Razorback
- A Dreadnought (I'm missing the multi-melta arm, as it's a Forge World army).

A family photo to capture the moment.

I won't go into my full army list just yet, but aside from the Grey Knights, this is a large part of the foundation the 1500 point Ultramarine army that I'm building. I've already spoken about the Razorback/Rhino, and there are some cool photos of it in the previous article so I won't include those same images here. However I am happy with the job I've done on the Guardsmen and with the Marines.

The Guardsmen were a lot easier to do than I thought they'd be, especially considering that it took me about an evening to do the lot of them. As a personal disclaimer, I don't consider them finished; I still have to do more details like the eyes, layering on the skin, armour, etc. and I also want to give the sarge a five o'clock shadow. When they're done I might write up a tutorial on how to paint Guardsmen quick and easy, although I think I'll  make "How to Paint Facial Hair" my first tutorial.

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