14 December, 2015

Warhammer 40k: 3 Reasons To Get a Razorback

While I was in Tokyo last month I picked up a 40k starter box-set which came with a Razorback. I normally give Rhinos to my Marines, so the fact that the box-set came with a Razorback instead of a Rhino was perfect! Perfect? Why? I'll explain.

Reason #1: Razorbacks come with the components to be built as Rhinos. It's very simple: the Razorback kit is the same as the Rhino kit, except that to make a Razorback they've added additional bits. Therefore when you get a Razorback, you're also getting a Rhino, and the beauty is that to switch between one or the other doesn't require any amount of hard work or even any glue.

Reason #2: Given the fact that Razorbacks can only carry five guys, it can be worth fitting a Razordback into your list rather than a Rhino. Say for instance that you're like me and only have ten Marines in a 500 point army -- why not try using a Razorback? Likewise if you have a full unit of ten, you could run it alongside your men or use it to support your backfield, for example by running it in tandem with a Devastator Squad or even Thunderfire cannons. All of these ideas lead into the third point . . .

Reason #3: If you're just starting out with your Space Marine army, it's a good time to experiment with different options. I normally recommend transporting Marines in Rhinos but if you're new to the army, now's a good time to give Razorbacks a try in order to gain experience as you enter the hobby. As mentioned above, if you don't want to field Razorbacks, then you can always go back to using a Rhino instead.

If you're really into painting and converting, there are a lot of fun things you can do, the least of which is painting the interior of the vehicle, but I've seen people go so far as to add red LED lights. Personally though, I like to stick to the basics. I plan on getting a second Razorback kit, for sure!

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